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We execute your plans, in any industry,
Gigi Group comprises of 3 companies and 3 products,actively involved in 5 (five) industries. company

GiGi Mobile

Trade With GiGi

GiGi Development Company

GiGi Hedge Fund

Farm with GiGi

The core of the company which focuses on technology and digital marketing

TradewithGigi is a product of Gigi Group that equips aspiring online traders with essential trading skills and strategy to start generating passive income.

Gigi Development Company is positioned for real estate development, construction and project management.

Gigi Hedge Funds offers advisory services to partners on investing in digital assets, in-debth analysis on cryptocurrencies, and portfolio management.

FarmwithGigi provides aspiring poultry farmers with cost-effective methods, optimized costing, and project management report, to start poultry farming.

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What We Do

We execute your plans, in any industry. gigigroup is a project management company with footprints in 5 industries. 

our services

Poultry Farming Consultancy

With our experience in building a 25,000 Poultry farm. We offer consultancy services for individuals and corporate entities that want to start poultry farms. You can get custom quotations necessary for you to start any capacity of poultry farming.

Construction (project Management)

Under the project management arm of gigimobile, we help manage construction projects from start to finish.

Real Estate Projects

(Project Management)

With years of experience in real estate projects, we help clients build, manage, supervise, and market real estate projects.

We also help clients manage any form of construction projects from start to finish.

What we do

The world is changing and you have to be ready for that, this is what we do at Gigi Mobile, We are a digital agency with a passion for creativity. We truly believe in the transformative power of every business 

here are list of services we offer:

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Our Companies & Products are in 5 Industries

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